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Taylor Plenn has been a professional saxophone/flute player for 10 years and counting (getting his start while in high school), both as a sideman and a bandleader. Taylor has had experience playing a wide variety of styles, from hard bop, rock and roll, blues, free jazz, hip hop, electronic music, and even as an accompaniment for various comedians. At 26 years old, he has been lucky enough to play and record all over the world with established musicians from all walks of life, allowing him to feel comfortable in any creative situation. Taylor can be seen and heard all over the greater LA area, as a ‘hired gun’ or with his own projects.


Taylor has performed / recorded with:

David Sabastian
Tim Heidecker (Heidecker and Wood, Ten Piece Band)
Kiefo Nilsson
Honus Honus (of Man Man)
The Parlour Suite
Joy Guerilla
Alex Lilly
Harper Simon
David Plenn
The Motion
Equipto and Mike Marshall
Dante Elephante
Smoov E
Tempest le Mans
Bones Muhroni
Shelby Gogreve
D.D. Teb
Dream Panther
Jerry Riopelle
City City
Levon Henry
American Tomahawk
Ray Little
Redd Carter
Disco Mechanic
Brent Weinbach
Jenny Luna and the Moondogs
Podunk Poets